Content Moderation for Events & Live Streaming

Worried about spam and inappropriate comments or visuals during live events? Lasso's AI-powered content moderation platform offers real-time solutions, filtering out disruptive content to ensure a safe and engaging viewing experience for your audience.

Events & Live Streaming content moderation industry

Grow your event or live streaming platform while protecting your brand and user experience

In the dynamic world of events and livestreaming, maintaining a positive viewer experience is key. Disruptive behaviors, spam, and inappropriate content can instantly damage an event's reputation and viewer engagement. Lasso's AI-powered content moderation platform provides real-time, scalable solutions to manage these challenges, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for your audience.

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Key Features

AI Moderation

Our AI automatically detects spam, toxicity, nudity, violence, drugs and other harmful content.

Moderation Dashboard

All internal tooling you need for content moderation: review queues, audit logs, translations, access controls, moderation reports and much more.

Custom Moderation Rules

Every platform is different, customize moderation rules to fit your platform's needs.

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AI Content Moderation
that's not just an API

Supercharge your operations with powerful content moderation tooling. Lasso provides all the necessary content moderation tools to keep your platform clean from harmful content.

Text Moderation

Detect spam, toxicity, profanity, threats and other harmful content using AI

Image & Video Moderation

Moderate images & videos on nudity, violence, drugs and other harmful content using AI

Advanced Dashboard

Our dashboard provides all the necessary tooling to moderate efficiently & effectively

Custom AI models

We train custom AI models specifically for your use case

Customizable moderation

Easily adjust your moderation rules in Lasso's dashboard, no coding required

User level moderation

Detect and take action against bad actors


Stay compliant by having an audit log of all the actions taken within the platform

Team Collaboration

Define access controls and permissions for your team

Analytics & Reporting

Get insights into your content and user behavior

User Reports

Built-in functionality for your users to report content or users

Sentiment Analysis

Measure the sentiment of your users on your platform

PII Detection

Detect email addresses, phone numbers, QR codes and URLs

Toxicity & Threat Detection

Automatically detect toxic and threatening content

Image Similarity Detection

Fingerprint images and prevent spamming of similar content

Detect text in images

Automatically detect text in images with OCR analysis

Fast & Reliable

Our platform is blazing fast and has a 99.9% uptime

AI Generated Content

Detect AI generated content like deepfakes, generated text and more

Face Detection & Matching

Detect faces in images and videos and match them to known faces


Tag content and users to easily filter and search for specific content

Audio Moderation

Transcribe audio and moderation it for harmful content using AI

Woov Festivals

Lasso Moderation helps Woov with keeping the festival communities safe and clean. Working and integrating with Lasso has been easy from the start.

Sebastien Westerduin

CEO & Founder - Woov

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